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LEV Certification In addition to providing LEV Testing we also are able to install, modify and repair any type of fume or dust extraction system.

We are able to design bespoke extraction systems to suit your process specifically should you require a new system or an overhaul of your existing equipment.

Our designers are qualified to British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) P602 standard. To ensure you are compliant with HSE Regulations ensure that your designers are qualified to P602 to do the job - as many other companies are not qualified!

If your LEV does not perform satisfactorily (and some do not, often through poor initial design or inappropriate additions) we can prepare a free engineering report to evaluate the design and performance of the equipment and make recommendations for improvement.

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HSE LEV Prosecution

Company fined over £15,000 for not having LEV system tested
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Firm prosecuted for failure to test LEV

Manufacturer prosecuted after failing to ensure a regular service was carried out to an LEV system
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Failure to maintain LEV results in prosecution

Property Company prosecuted for failure to maintain and test LEV systems
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